Special Session

OLEUM - Advanced solutions for assuring the overall authenticity and quality of olive oil


Session chair: Tullia Gallina Toschi
Date: Tuesday 14 November 2017
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Location: Location: Tramuntana 1

Session description

A comprehensive overview of the current developments on new and improved analytical methods for assuring the quality and authenticity of OO will be presented. These findings are based on a review of the drawbacks, normative failure and inappropriateness of EU regulation analytical methods conducted by the OLEUM partners. The main focus will be on analytical issues to combat olive oil fraud, presenting strategies based on the chemical characterization of volatile and non-volatile compounds under investigation. In addition, different aspects, such as specifying the geographical origin on the label will be addressed. The advancements towards the creation of the OLEUM Databank, which will be an online integrated quality assurance database of OO analytical methods, data and calibration materials related to the VOOs and OOs sensory and chemical characteristics, will also be presented. Finally, attention will be given to the establishment of the OLEUM Network that is open to stakeholders such as public and private laboratories, companies and consumers worldwide. The OLEUM Network aims to increase collaborations, exchange knowledge, and enhance and harmonize the global expertise on OO analyses.

Project description

The H2020 EU funded OLEUM project seeks to better guarantee olive oil quality and authenticity by improving the detection and fostering the prevention of olive oil (OO) fraud. Twenty project partners are committed to developing advanced solutions, analytical tools and networking actions to enhance the body of knowledge to assure the authenticity and quality of OOs at a global scale, with a particular focus on Virgin OOs. The project will validate new and/or improved analytical methods and will establish the OLEUM Databank and the OLEUM stakeholder Network. 

For more information: www.oleumproject.eu

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