Special Session

FieldFOOD | i3Food | Hipster: Innovative sustainable food processing


Session chair: Javier Raso, Peter Hall and Silvia Garcia de la Torre
Date: Wednesday 15 November 2017 
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Location: Tramuntana 1

Session description

At the 31st EFFoST conference, the FieldFOOD/i3-Food/HIPSTER session will showcase the technologies being demonstrated in these projects. The efficacy and product quality of foods sterilised with high pressure and temperature (HPT) will be presented by the HIPSTER project. The performance and commercial opportunities for HPT, pulsed electric fields (PEF) and low shear extrusion will be outlined by the i3-Food project. The applications of PEF in wine-making and tomato processing will be illustrated by the FieldFOOD project.   

Project description

Recent developments in innovative food processing have demonstrated on lab and pilot scales that mild yet sustainable techniques can be effective at combating pathogens, minimising waste and enhancing process efficiency while preserving product quality. However, the implementation of such technologies on a commercial scale has been limited due to the risks associated with upscaling, which is often needed to gain industry and consumer acceptance. Three EU Horizon 2020 projects, FieldFOOD, i3-Food and HIPSTER, were funded to tackle this very issue, by validating several promising technologies in near to operational working environments. The technologies included Pulsed Electric Field electroporation and pasteurisation, high pressure and temperature (HPT) sterilisation and low shear extrusion of cold food products. These EU projects are innovation actions of the H2020 research program granted in the topic entitled Innovative solutions for sustainable novel food processing.

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