Special Session

EAFE - European Academy of Food Engineering


Session chair: Professor Yrjö H. Roos
Date: Thursday 16 November 2017
Time: 8:30-10:30
Location: Main Auditorium

Session description

The EAFE Session includes three invited presentations from esteemed European food engineers.

Professor Emeritus Sam Saguy will look at Food Engineering New Horizons. Presenting a review of the status of food engineering, including: open and disruptive Innovation, health and wellness and personalization, enginomics and bioavailability, processing and signalling, opportunities and challenges with vision and recommendations will be presented. There will also be an epilogue: What is price of not knowing? What is price of lost opportunities? What are the questions we don’t know (yet) to ask?  Besides FS&T and FE Bright & Promising Horizons overview.

Professor Petros Taokis will present state of the art of research and application of High Pressure. Non-thermal processing has evolved to one of the most prolific fields of research and provided important applications in food engineering. The most successful commercial applications include non-thermal pasteurization where HP has replaced conventional thermal pasteurization or allowed pasteurization of products not amenable to heat processing, achieving improved quality, safety and shelf life. Beyond non-thermal pasteurization and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) sterilization, current HP research focus on structural modification of food macromolecules and enhancement of biofunctionality.

Sustainability and Food Engineering are topics covered by Professor Peter Fryer. His presentation will discuss what parts of sustainability can be approached through engineering, including (i) designing water out, (ii) using alternatives to fossil fuels, and (iii) more sustainable supply chains.

The EAFE Session also includes original research papers from selected Food Engineering submissions.

Project description

EAFE (European Academy of Food Engineering) was established in 2012 to form a Collegium of Food Engineers and Technologists for effective networking and advancement of education, research and publicity of Food Engineering and Technology in Europe. EAFE emphasises the role of Food Engineering in food safety and supply, nutrition, diet and public health as the underpinning discipline for innovations, production and availability of a safe and healthy supply of foods. EAFE is an established sub-group of EFFoST and European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE).

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