Plenary Speaker

Jordi Serratosa, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Jordi  Serratosa

Jordi Serratosa is currently an associate Professor of Food and Veterinary Legislation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

His background includes a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine with a focus on Hygiene and Food Technology from U.C. Madrid (Spain), a PhD in probiotics from Hannover Univ. (Germany), and an MBA at EADA in Barcelona.

He worked for the private sector for twelve years, first as a Technical Director of Rhône Merieux and then as Feed additives’ International Head in Co Lucta (Spain).

From 1998-2013, he worked at the EU Commission in different areas. Initially, he was involved in legislation for veterinary aspects of Public Health, for animal products and their residues. Subsequently, he was assigned as the scientific coordinator of the SCCNFP and SCAHAW at DG SANCO, later becoming Head of Unit of AHAW at EFSA.   From 2009 to 2013 he was the EFSA liaison Officer at the US FDA, in Washington DC, working on increasing collaborations for scientific risk assessment in the area of food safety, between the EU and the US.

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